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the cause of death. doctors have been fined and now the independentian government is considering tightening things up. >> some locals call it neocolonialism. foreign drug companies using poor and illiterate indians as guinea pigs in drug trials. >> our family has been destroyed by this and the drug company should know it. >> the doctors who carry out the trials may be in denial. but they are now being disciplined. and lawyers are asking if we can trust the results of the trials. >> the global implication potentially would be whether those findings can be safely relied upon. >> india has obvious eye trackses to the foreign drug -- attractions to the foreign drug companies. there are educated, english-speaking doctors, and a vast population from which to choose trial subjects, all of whom are required under indian law to give their informed consent. >> i put my thumbprint on the document and my daughter-in-law signed in hindi, but the form was in english, so we couldn't understand everything. >> but that was enough for a 3-day-old healthy boy to be given a trial polio vaccine. he had a severe
gave you huge powers over this country and that was to a prime minister who apoint the government, half of the senate and apoints some of the judges, the head of the k.g.b. and also the head of the electoral commission. do you think that's too much power concentrated in the hands of one man? >> don't you think it's time to open up, he asks? s >> the west's real agenda, the president is, is to open up the belarusian economy, which would make it vulnerable to the problems of the rest of europe. she is a jurenlist for a russian newspaper. in 2010 irina and her husband, a former presidential candidate, were jailed for organizing process. their son was 3 at the time. authorities threatened to take him away. international pressure got irina out of jail and under house arrest. >> today she is allowed to leave the house, but not the city. police visit regularly often in the middle of the night and she has another trial pending. >> one of our journalists, irina, has been arrested, and she's in this country. she can't leave the cub. i can vouch for her personally. i know she's not a criminal. can
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5 (some duplicates have been removed)